I have an addiction....

It's something that I haven't wanted to tell anyone about (other than Mr Meghann of course), but the time has come.

I, Meghann, am addicted to Harry Potter.

I know, I know... not me too. But I just couldn't help it. See, I have seen all the movies, and read the first few books, but after this last movie... I wanted to KNOW. I wanted to know what happened, and what I was missing. So I went out, bought the whole series (minus the last book of course) and I've been reading them (hence the lack of posting). And I'm on the last book. After starting to read them about two weeks ago.

They're really quite good. If you haven't read them, you should.

Uhm.... Oops?!?

So uh, it's Friday. I thought today was Thursday, and it's not. So my last post is late. And unfortunately, I haven't even come up with something to post so it's not like I can post it now.

Bad Blogger. Bad, bad, bad Blogger. No cookie.

Go here and donate. Make up for my bad bloggieness (yes, that's a word).

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It's almost one in the morning

And you might be asking yourself... what is a pregnant girl like Meghann doing up at almost one in the morning? Answer: simple. It's windy outside and I'm scared of the things that go bump in the night. How pathetic am I?

Seriously. I need to get a grip on my pathetic pregnant body.

Today, I cried for like an hour... for no reason. I was doing so well too. I hadn't really had any emotional breakdowns at all. Then, right after I said that (because I said that yesterday), I started crying. For no reason. Because my little baby Bun (that's what Mr Meghann calls it. Cute no?!) has no officially taken over my whole body. Emotions and all.

Oh, and no morning sickness... if only I could be so lucky. I was... until this morning. Ugh.

Not that I'm complaining... because I'm super excited. We got paint today so that we can start doing the nursery (what? I'm excited and I wanna do it before I can't walk anymore). But when there's a little baby taking over your body... you start to do things (and feel things, and say things, and write things) that you normally wouldn't do.

I really should get some sleep.
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Breasts.... that's right, I said breasts....

Boobies, tah-tahs, juggs, melons, whatever you want to call them. That's right, we're writing about boobies. Isn't that what this whole blog off is all about? Saving the boobies?

I have big ones. I can admit it, and although I get really tired of being talked to at chest level... I kinda like them. I've had them forever, and really, they just keep getting bigger. Especially since I got knocked up.

I've seen many different sizes, and if I were a guy, I wouldn't want to date someone with big boobies. I mean for real, could you imagine making out with a chick and you go to grab her boob, and you get more than a handful?! No thank you. The smaller the better I always say.

Then I talk to girls who have small boobies, and they tell me that they are SOOOOOO jealous of my big ass juggs. I'm telling you, they're not so great. Back pain, the bras aren't cute, and seriously, guys can't make eye contact with me. I don't dare wear shirts with anything written across the breast area because I'll never get anyone to look me in the face.

So someday, I'm going to reduce them. That's right, you all can have 'em. Let's see.... $100.00 an inch. How about that? Until then, I'm going to go lay down and try to get rid of some back pain.

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Okay, so as not serious as that prompt (or my post) was, breast cancer is a very serious thing. Please go donate if you can to Courtney's cause. It's very important to many people.